Connecting Companies and Artists

Art City ON SITE connects companies with great artists to produce custom art installations and residencies. These projects can range from traditional murals to elaborate installations, sculpture, interactive art, and more.

ON SITE is a bridge between the tech and arts communities. It creates cultural and creative value for companies, it directly supports local artists, and it funds public art for the community at large.

How it Works

The first step of the ON SITE program is a consultation to learn more about your company, mission, space, and objectives. We work with you to select an artist or group of artists best suited for the opportunity and then finalize the concept, scope, and remaining details of the installation.

After the installation is complete, we co-host an opening reception featuring an artist talk and Q&A session. This is an opportunity to build new relationships within your company, with participating artists, and with the wider arts community. As part of the larger Art City mission, we document the impact of the program with compelling multimedia content and storytelling.

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