Welcome to Art City

San Francisco, CA. June 2014. 

Our city is changing. How will we help shape it?

The Art City Project began with an idea and a simple-sounding question: what happens when you turn a city into a gallery?

That question, that idea, became the seed that grew into a small team of artists, curators, and organizers determined to make it happen. We come from different backgrounds — from art and from technology, from business and from non-profits — but with the same motivation: to do something beautiful and constructive for a city that is redefining itself once again.

The Art City Project is about art in public. Here’s the line we use:

The Art City Project produces contemporary art installations that transform our shared spaces. By repurposing advertising and underused public space, we bring art into everyday life.

Our public spaces become our canvas; the city becomes the gallery.

We believe in the power of art and in the vital roles that artists play as explorers, critics, and catalysts. Art in public gives us the chance not just to deliver art to new audiences, but to help create new ways of engaging with our city.

Museums, for example, become places of deference, even devotion. Visitors walk slowly and speak quietly. The Art City Project is a reminder that our shared public spaces are worth honoring, too. Our streets, parks, alleys, and squares are opportunities for both reflection and celebration.

In the last year we’ve built a strong team, an amazing early community, and the momentum to launch our first pilot exhibition, Way Out West, which will bring art to hundreds of thousands of people in San Francisco’s inner Mission District this summer.

Change may be inevitable, but the shape of that change isn’t. We’re here to celebrate the roles of art and artists, and to share a vision of the future that we want to see. With your support, we’ll keep transforming our shared spaces and, together, bring art to millions of people in public.